fredag 18. september 2009


Why birrung? What the hell is that a sort of adress for a blog?
You might be quite right in thinking so. It's not exactly a common word that's easy to remember. But I chose it anyway. I love Australia and I'm facinated by aboriginal history and culture. As well as their language...And birrung is simply an aboriginal word for 'star'.

And as for 'Zesty'?  Well I like the word zest. If you have zest for life, I feel you enjoy your life, have fun with it and find pleasures in most things big and small. Have a positive attitude and embrace the challange of whatever life throws your way... So shouldn't we should all stroll around and feel just a bit more zesty then we might often do? But I don't plan on having it as my goal to kick you into it by reading this blog either. Just a tip! c",)

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