mandag 4. januar 2010


Well, well, from sun, sand and sweat to snow, sneezing and Subaru... I'm back again and clearly I managed to n o t stumble into the waves and straight on to a box jellyfish or a nosy sea snake. Australia was, as it always is, wonderful. But I never was able to get the feeling of being 'settled' and prepared to stay there for 6 months to a year. And when Christmas was approaching, I really started to ache inside with all the missing I was doing for all my loved ones back home. So I decided it was time to go home again for now and not miss the holidays with my family. It was a nightmare of a trip back home because of all the snow that had just been hitting Europe hard. 

Plus I had a embarrassing amount of carry-on luggage with me. And I had to go through check-in and security screening at 5 airports! Surely at some point, I would get caught by someone having a bad day and a keen eye.. To disguise to the people on the check-in counter how much I was really packing in my shoulder-bag, 'man-bag' and backpack, I tried my best to have a spring in my step and a great, friendly mood to distract them. Anything more and I'd walk up to the counter with jazz-hands. Meanwhile, beads of sweat was running down my back and the seams in my bags was starting to get as frayed as my nerves.

But eventually I got home safely with all my luggage intact, and I don't have any regrets about going home sooner then planned. I'm definitely going back again. Just have to start working again to save up more cash and of course have some more great times with my friends and family that made me cut the whole thing short ;-)

lørdag 24. oktober 2009

Permitted to panic? I??
It is now 16 days until my life is taking quite a major turn. Because that's when I'm getting on a plane and heading for the other side of the planet with no special plan or real agenda. Just some enthusiastic hope and the belief that I'm doing the right thing. On November 10'th, me and two brilliant girls, Elisabet and Ingrid,  are kicking off our slalom-skis and strapping on flippers insted. And four days later, we're touching down on the Gold Coast in Australia. 

To be able to do this, I have quit my job. Which evidently, according to some sweet people, is an insane thing to do in these times of economical unstability. And maybe this isn't the right time to pack up and drift out into the world to find something 'better'.
 M a y b e...

But still I beg to differ.

I just turned 26 a few weeks ago and thought I'd feel the grip of 'sense and responsebility' wrap around me by now. Like an enormous, wet, cold towel so heavy that it's just pinned me down... But I don't :-D Growing up, I always kept thinking that I'd have everything under control and heading in a clear direction with my life by the time I was 22. Well, a little overdue with just that, but hey...I've been alive for 9510 days and had about 959 million heartbeats so far. And I got plenty left of both...Being 26 is n o t a reason for me to worry about being to old to do anything at all.

But of course it still feels terrifying to leave behind a loving family and many wonderful friends back home and not knowing when I'll see them all again. As long as I actually do... and don't get lost in the outback and trip into a snake-pit or something equally exiting. Whatta way to go! I'm almost positive the universe will look after me down there.

Surely I'm doing the right thing? Right? Right!! Thank you, that's what I was rooting for :-)

fredag 18. september 2009


Why birrung? What the hell is that a sort of adress for a blog?
You might be quite right in thinking so. It's not exactly a common word that's easy to remember. But I chose it anyway. I love Australia and I'm facinated by aboriginal history and culture. As well as their language...And birrung is simply an aboriginal word for 'star'.

And as for 'Zesty'?  Well I like the word zest. If you have zest for life, I feel you enjoy your life, have fun with it and find pleasures in most things big and small. Have a positive attitude and embrace the challange of whatever life throws your way... So shouldn't we should all stroll around and feel just a bit more zesty then we might often do? But I don't plan on having it as my goal to kick you into it by reading this blog either. Just a tip! c",)